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Smruti Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd. Is a company located at Thangadh, Gujarat India. It is into manufacture of Sanitary ware. With more than 20 years of experience in Ceramic sector.



Since its inception the founder has been extremely fond of and focused on quality. He just cannot accept inferior standards of work. May it be Design and Implementation of new system or just a small accounting work.



Indian construciton industry is growing very fast. As part of the same, even the ceramic industry is witnessing a high growth. Smruti Ceramics as well as Sunrise Ceramics.both have developed excellent products.





Welcome to the world of Enticing sanitary ware. Swisware+ presents stylish sanitary ware that will enhance the beauty of your wash rooms. We manufacture high quality Sanitary ware at Thangadh India. This site is your Kaleidoscope to showcase the most beautiful sanitary ware. We as exporters of sanitary ware, pride ourselves in manufacturing ceramic products that last very long. Our Healthware ensures that you get the best of Beauty and Sanitation in your wash rooms.

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